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What We Do:
Located in the city of Bustos, Bulacan (just 45 minutes from Manila), we design customized Barong Tagalogs - the official formal garment for men in the Philippines.

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry of manufacturing, producing, and being a wholesale supplier of barongs and other garments, we are able to fulfill both local and international orders from small and large buyers.

Our Mission:
We aim to provide our customers with the high quality garments made from the best fabrics and materials, and the highest quality of customer service. We also aim to process all orders in the fastest way possible - whether we are fulfilling a single order or a mass production order. We especially look to fulfill orders from major distributors and wedding parties!

Our Vision:
We want to be a pioneer in the industry of Barong Tagalog production. We want to revolutionize the industry, and make the experience as easy and affordable as possible for all of our clients!

Call or text us at +63 (936) 512-7440 or send an email to

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